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Courtney Leak

Hello Everyone!

I want to take a moment to introduce myself and welcome you to the Loud Crowd.  My name is Courtney Leak and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been providing therapy to individuals, couples, groups and families for over seven years. I like to consider myself a Human Treasure Hunter. I know that sounds weird but stick with me.  I believe that we all have beautiful and priceless parts of ourselves that are buried under the pain, expectations, and stress of living.  We are trying to be the best at everything and often feel guilty or overwhelmed because it all feels so impossible.  As a mother, friend, family member and business owner, I can relate to feeling like I’m being stretched in too many directions and I’m not stretching enough into any one area.  I constantly feel pushed to do and be more.  The result is that we miss so much of what really matters. So my goal is to help people unearth the treasure buried inside them so that they can live a full life.  My motto is Live Out Loud.  We should be excited about our lives and walk through the world proud of who we are despite the fear and shame that creeps up and tries to force us back underground.


So lets start this journey.  I have several upcoming topics: Perfectionism, Turning Towards Others, Grieving and many others.  I’m also always open to discuss topics that the Loud Crowd is interested in so don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts.  My only rule is kindness.  If you are not able to be kind then you will not be allowed to be a part of this community.


Well, that’s me.  I look forward to sharing my stories and knowledge with you all and I hope to provide you with support, insight and joy.  Until next time, Live Out Loud!


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