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Courtney Leak Nesbitt, LCSW, LISW-CP


“Live out loud!” that’s the message!


Courtney Leak Nesbitt, LCSW, LISW is a dynamic therapist, trainer, public speaker and the owner of Embracing Abundance Counseling and Consulting who utilizes direct honesty wrapped in humor in order to spread the message of living a life full of purpose and courage. Through her own experiences and the experiences of the numerous individuals, couples, and families that she has worked with over the years, Courtney has developed insight into the struggles of everyday living and how they are often compounded by the history and patterns of pain that so many people are living with today. Courtney’s fundamental belief is that everyone is naturally equipped with what they need to find and meet their purpose but it is often hidden under fear, hurt, and negative views of ourselves. However, if we are willing to own our story, minus the fear and shame, we can embrace our true selves and live abundantly in our purpose.


Courtney received her Masters in Social Work at Winthrop University and has been working with individuals, groups, couples and families for over 9 years. She is a mother, a partner, a businesswoman, a daughter, and a friend. She understands the complexity of trying to be all things to all people and the fear of failing at all of it. She teaches the importance of finding your balance and building healthy connections with those in your life.